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Frappe Framework

A batteries all included full stack web framework written in Python & JavaScript open source project . Uses MariaDB or PostgreSQL for database. Helps in building front-end in quick time. Powers ERPNext, one of most famous open source monolithic ERP. 

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No introduction is needed for Linux. It powers some of the worlds largest data centers. While there are many flavour of Linux our go-to remains Ubuntu followed by Debian. On our computers we love to use Manjaro, a fast and secure Linux based operating system for everyone, suitable replacement to Windows or MacOS with different Desktop Environments.

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An offshoot of the original MySQL, MariaDB is now one of the most popular high performance relational database. MariaDB powers well known application like WordPress, phpMyAdmin, ERPNext, Moodle, Drupal, Next Cloud and millions more.

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pf Sense Firewall

A remarkably powerful, robust, and easy to use solution, pfSense software delivers edge firewall, router, and VPN functionality to homes, businesses educational institutions, and government agencies . With more than two million installations it has garnered trust and respect of users. A complete robust, reliable, dependable product.

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With about 42% of global websites built on WordPress, you can truly say its the most popular website builder. Its used for building website for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. There are thousands of pre-built website designs and extensions that makes is easy and fast to developing a new site. You will find apps for almost all your requirements which does not make you reinvent the wheel. Once developed even novice users can keep the site fresh with latest updates and information.

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One of the best business intelligence tool in the market, Metabase delivers high value data and visuals in simple format which can be understood by just about anyone. Once plugged into your database users can access the information from any part of the world. The graphs in bar, pie or detailed table delivers high value MIS which helps businesses make strategic decision in scientific manner.

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Nextcloud is a suite of client-server open source project software for creating and using file hosting services. It is enterprise-ready with comprehensive support options. Easily installed on local or cloud server. It has amazing desktop client for Windows PC, Macbook and Linux. Users can access files and folder via the Android and iOS application. In addition to file sharing users can send and receive email, manage calendar and have video chats. The security is of top notch that assures no data leaks

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Jitsi Video Conferencing

Jitsi is a multi platform voice, video conferencing and instant messaging application. It is operating system agnostic which allows it to be used on any web platform, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. Set with rich and useable features like recording, screen share, slide show chat, polling, file sharing, Q&A ad more. Easily scaled for Enterprises with high degree of cyber security.

9T9 Information Technology

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Bahrain Opening Hours

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In Partnership with Inaaya Technologies, Dubai

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Dubai – UAE Opening Hours

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In Partnserhip with Hesham Al Warraq Consulting

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Saudi Arabia Opening Hours

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