Beach entrance billing software

Client: A large real estate development company in East Muharraq seeking a beach entrance billing software.

Use Case: Manage beach entrance billing for visitors and residents of the property.

Primary Objective: Customize ERPNext to allow free and paid entrance to visitors.

Our client has an expansive, clean and beautiful beach as part of their large property development. The beach is accessible free for the residents and the employees of the client. Visitor have to pay an entrance fee per adult and child.

Our task was to segregate the various groups of people allowed. Based on grouping system is to entrance fees; charged in full, discounted or free. The family of the group that is allowed free had to have a maximum limit on number of people allowed per day. Additional people are charged full fees.

We built an independent app to add customer family data who are allowed free or discounted pricing. Each family has a primary Customer (example husband) and a secondary customer (example wife). Each customer personal detail are added in customer master page. This allows the user to search the primary and secondary customer for billing purpose. Every customer is assigned to a group on which rules are written to fetch entrance pricing. The management has the levers to increase or decrease each group’s maximum free entrance per day.

Billing is quick due to enhancement of the POS module. When a customer reaches the POS billing counter, POS staff asks for their CPR number, mobile number, passport number or name. System fetches the information from backend and displays current maximum free or discounted entrance allowed, customer name, CPR number & mobile number. POS staff can easily verify the information by asking customer for their CPR card. If the information matches, a ticket issued to the customer. The tickets displays customer’s name, number of people entering the beach along with the customer and VAT.

If the number of free/discounted tickets has been consumed then customer has the option of paying full fees for the additional members. Children pricing is lower than adult. Free and paid items are punched in one invoice. This reduces POS user’s time and billing is quicker.

Visitors who do not have any free access can pay full ticket value. POS user can add new visitor customer data like Name, CPR & mobile number. By default the customer group is set to the full paid in read mode to block POS user from creating any free customer. Users with higher privileges are the only ones who can create free or discounted fee customer from backend. Visitors from next visit have to only give their mobile number of CPR number for billing. This process helps the client in tracking when and how many visitors are visited.

Additional reports were created for the customer which included hourly sales, item consumption, customer-wise sales, daily mode of payment (card, cash, BWallet, Benefit Pay, stc Cash and more), employee wise sale, sales person item-wise sales.

An API was also created to backup database with client’s Microsoft One Drive. Daily ERPNext generates a backup file that is automatically transferred to a folder in Microsoft One Drive. In addition to that daily it backups the database six times. An Oracle financial daily sales report was also created which is uploaded to the company’s’ core accounting software which is Oracle.

Overall, the project has been smooth helped by user quickly understanding the features and usability. In a very short time client realized return on investment.

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