E-commerce Website for K-Town Kuwait

Client: E-commerce website for a Kuwait based online toys e-tailer

Use Case: Build an e-commerce website that would primarily serve customers in Kuwait. At the same instance have ability to serve client across GCC.

Primary Objective: E-commerce website that is fast, easy for view and usage. Be able to offer items price in customer’s local currency and language.

Client Background

Our client, K-Town International GTC W.L.L., is Kuwait based company that specializes in online sales of collectible licensed toys, action figures and figurines. K-Town offers toys from leading brands such as Marvel, Barbie, DC Comics, Fortnite, WWE, Star Wars and more.

The Solution

A complete e-commerce website built on WordPress using WooCommerce theme compiled with Ecvid, an add-on store builder for PHP website,

The Website

The core website runs on WordPress platform. The theme used was WooCommerce compliant, supports multi-language including Arabic that is written right to left, and can serve items price in visitor’s local currency.


The website has option of serving content in language of visitors. The e-commerce website administrator has the right of manually translating content in multiple languages or allowing Google Translate to complete language translation.


Items are classified in various categories like Action Figures, Dolls, Robots, Model Kits and more for quick reference.


All items are delivered by the client to their choice of location. It is easy to integrate the website with delivery system of shipping service provider like DHL FedEx, UPS and more. While delivery within Kuwait is free, the website can assist visitors calculate shipping charges in real-time based on their international location.

Shopping Cart

Visitors can browse items and quickly add items to cart without logging it. At checkout system prompts user to log in or create an account.


All payments are in billed in local currency however user is served with their local currency converted rate. Local rate is for information only as buyer’s financial service provider would charge their exchange rate and fees.


A website wide search engine assists visitors in quickly finding the right items. From there purchase can be completed in few clicks.

Social Media

With Ecvid plugin, e-commerce website administrator can quickly publish the contents on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. The concept turns social sharing into social selling.

Payment Gateway

Payment for the items in e-commerce website is transmitted encrypted via a secure TLS connection. It is tightly integrated with seller’s bank account. All payments are reflected into seller bank account in real-time,

The Result

The e-commerce website deigns was kept to a minimal as per our client choice. All the artwork were created by client for the e-commerce website. The highly tuned e-commerce website that is light and easily loaded on low data band-width connections. It has ability to do lot more as our client ramps up the business. It is easily upgradable and customizable leading to higher value on investment.

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