Multi-currencies POS software

Client: A lead beach resort hotel in Bahrain.

Use Case: Foreign guests to the hotel usually did not have cash in local currency for purchase from the retail store. A multi-currencies POS software was the need to satisfy client use case.

Primary Objective: Accept payments in multi-currencies and convert payments into company’s base currency which is Bahrain Dinar.

Our Software Solution

Our client is a leading family beach resort hotel in Bahrain. Primary visitors to the hotel are from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. They also have visitors from many other countries.

Client was facing issue of not being able to accept payment in other currencies other than Bahrain Dinar. This was leading to revenue loss on currency exchange. To mitigate the loss we enhanced our Point of Sales (POS) system in which item prices are always set in local currency. Back end user add currencies that are accepted by the hotel. User sets currency conversion rate to convert payment in foreign currency into local currency.

When a customer purchases items from retail store the items the POS software calculates total in local currency. Customer then has the option of paying in their home. They also have option of paying in multiple currency for one invoice.

Example total bill is BD 50/-. Customer may have BD 30/- cash and would like to pay for the balance amount in Saudi Riyal. After paying BD 30/- the balance amount is paid in Saudi Riyal. Based on pre-set currency conversion POS user accepts foreign currency. If the customer pays a higher denomination Saudi Riyal note then the balance amount is displayed in Bahraini Dinar. Return of excess amount is always in Bahraini Dinar.

Every transaction with mode of payment with currency is recorded by the system. At day closing the accounts team is aware of sales volume and the cash with its currency due to system near real-time update. POS user deposits the cash in till with accounts who verify the information first had through their own system login.


Our multi-currencies POS software customization has helped the client in increasing profitability on sales as well indirect income through float on the currency conversion. The system has also increased transparency and eradicated any possible theft due it real-time updates that is visible to important members of the team.


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