Veterinary Clinic Software

Client: My Pets W.L.L., a leading veterinary clinic and animal grooming center of Bahrain needing a veterinary clinic software.

Use Case: Synchronize all aspects of clinic management, grooming center and retail pharmacy.

Primary Objective: Customize ERPNext for recording visits, medical history, grooming and pharmacy sales. All purchase and sales to be recorded as per Bahrain VAT.

Client background

Our client is operates a veterinary clinic that also has a pets grooming center and retail pharmacy. Operations was fragments as each process or business had its own software. Client needed to bring all aspects of business under one large software which has interconnecting module. This would allow the users to seamlessly conduct business process in simplified manner leading to increased focus on customer service.

The Solution

The health care module of ERPNext was taken as bench-mark to make a new application veterinary clinic software.

Pets and Owners

All pets information like name, date of birth, species, pedigree, chip ID and neutering information was added. Every pet is liked to a Customer (owner). Each customer information is added to the system leading to easy fetching of pets information. From owner master it is easy to find total number of pets owned, number of pets visits, total sales to date and more

Veterinarian (Doctors)

Every vet data is fed into system. Vet are assigned a color code for easy viewing on booking calendar. Vet are also assigned to booking schedule. This ensure bookings per vet is only conducted when she/he is available or on duty.

Booking Calendar

The core booking calendar was enhanced to easily view booking status for the clinic or each doctor in day, week or monthly view. Users pick up an available slot of a doctor to enter customer name, choose the pet that would visit and appointment type example consultation, follow-up, vaccination, travel etc. All four information is displayed on the calendar which assist vets to know pre-hand which pet is coming when and the reason of the visit. Vet can filter the calendar to display only their appointments.

Animal Overview

This is the main document that links visits, history, vital signs, and tax invoices. On this document vets conducts medical examination, adds vital signs, medication ad creates tax invoice. Vet are able to view historical medical examination data or uploaded files like x-ray, tests etc. Vet are also able to upload new files for future reference.

Upon submit the system passes on the information to each document and creates tax invoice. Vet have the ability to collect payment against the tax invoice but due to cash collection at a centralized cashier the feature is disabled.


Similar to medical booking pet grooming appointments are also taken. Once the service is completed a tax invoice is created. Payment is at a centralized location.


We deployed our in-house developed pharmacy application that has all requirements of Bahrain National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA). Medicines are tracked as per their batch and expiry from purchase to sales.


At the heart of system is the accounting module. It keeps track of purchase and sales. As the accounting module is based on IFRS accounts department is able to use it for all business operation. In-depth reports are easily generated and on click of a button the company’s financial health is displayed.

The Result

Our customized veterinary clinic software has helped the client in streamlining almost all aspects of business, getting near real-time data, increasing profitability, increase in staff productivity, transparency and reduced risk of theft of inventory.

Overall, the project has been above customer expectation and is very happy with the return on investment into an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

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