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Easy Billing

A smart and easy retail & supermarket POS software with clear interface and easy searching features. Single checkout screen for sales transactions, all commonly used task icons is accessible to user. Track sales by item and be in the know of when to order new stock. Record inventory on FIFO or Weighted Average. System automatically changes inventory based on item sales.

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Take control of your complete business accounting with our retail & supermarket POS. Automated ledger entries on each scale eradicates need of any manual intervention. Auto VAT calculation to build VAT reports as per Bahrain NBR. All System required accounts are Auto Generated in the accounting software.

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Design and print your bar-code stickers in our retail & supermarket POS. Fast and easy checkout with or without barcode. Search by Item Name, code or any other method convenient to your employees. Quickly scan customer items and bill through barcode system. The software works well with almost every type of hand-held and fixed barcode scanners. Design and print your own barcode stickers for your retail shop items. Personalize your stickers with your logo and design. Use normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing. Support for dedicated sticker printers. Support for A4 size sticker sheets. Support for partial sheet printing.

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Multi Payment Modes

Accept all payments including cash, credit/debit cards, Benefit Pay, stc Pay, BWallet, foreign currency, vouchers gift cards and more. One invoice can be paid in as many mode of payments as defined.

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Bahrain & GCC VAT

Multiple rules of tax and charges can be created to make system compliant to Bahrain Value Added Tax (VAT). Defining Bahrain VAT is simple and flexible in the retails and supermarket POS. Easily add Bahrain VAT while you define item or doing excel upload. Apply additional tax at Invoice level. You can change your tax definitions in the way tax applicability changes time to time. You can choose what tax to apply per item on a running bill or while making purchase entry. Multiple reports would show the amount of tax the outlet need to deposit with relevant government entity.

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Customer Management

Manage and communicate with all your customers with depth of information available. Use email to inform customer of your new promotions or greet them on special occasions. Quick Customer record creation in customer database. POS customer contact system allows retail shops to group customers in many different ways. Manage Customer level Credit Limits. View Customer wise payment aging information. Notify customers via SMS/emails about pending payments. Easily create Loyalty Programs, Gift cards, discount coupons. Sell Gift cards of any value, Receive payments using gift cards, recharge existing gift cards. Define several schemes and promotions to attract customers.

9T9 Information Technology

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Bahrain Opening Hours

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In Partnership with Inaaya Technologies, Dubai

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Dubai – UAE Opening Hours

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In Partnserhip with Hesham Al Warraq Consulting

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Saudi Arabia Opening Hours

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