One software to manage health of all pets.

Comes with appointments,
medical history, visits,
encounters, billing, inventory management and international
accounting module.
Veterinary Management ERP
Image module

Pets & Owners Database

Maintain complete pets database along with their respective owner’s information. Our vet ERP can store all important information such as pet name, date of birth, breed, species, chip ID and more.

A white poodle sitting on a sofa

Medical History

Maintain complete information of every visit, examination, tests, prescription and follow-up. The vet ERP assists doctors in quickly printing out consent forms, history reports and other medical related documents.

An open diary next to MacBook


Manage patient visit appointments efficiently. Colour coded doctor blocks helps the reception desk to understand available time slots to book appointments and receive visitors.

A pet groomer holder a shear to trim a cats fur.

Grooming Services

Book and bill for grooming services. Manage calendar of the groomer by adding special requests by pets owners when accepting booking.

An pet with IV fluid connected to left paw

Surgery Costing

Track expenses incurred for surgery by defining inventory and staffing cost to the price. Understand profitability and adjust costing accordingly.

A poodle about to get an injection from a animal doctor.


Our vet ERP is backed by international standard accounting module. It has complete inventory module that is linked to accounts, giving owners accurate health of their veterinary. Comprehensive Bahrain enabled software serving business need competently.


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