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We are Bahrain based ERP software, mobile applications & web design company. Reach out to us for any IT related work.

Supermarket & Store POS Software

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An efficient point of sales POS that gives customer satisfaction of quick checkout at the same instant manages all business transactions like stock deduction, batch management, sales invoice, cash tracking and more. A holistic solution for any type of retail business.

Restaurant & Cafe POS Software

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Unlike every other POS that only do sales, our restaurant POS manages accounts, inventory, menu, container, customer, delivery, employee, loyalty points, special offers, purchase, suppliers and more. An easy to use pictorial interface for quick billing with or without touch screen.

Pharmacy Store POS Software

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pharmacy management software Bahrain

Bahrain’s leading Pharmacy Management Software. Trusted by 20+ small to large retail pharmacies with multiple locations across the country. Complete with inventory control and Bahrain VAT reports. Customized to provide all reports required by National Health Regulatory Authority (Bahrain).

Optometry Software

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Our Optometry (Optical Store) Software records refraction tests to get your eyeglasses prescription. The software can be customized to send auto emails after few months to customers to remind them that fresh test needs to be performed. Used by 4 of the top 10 optical stores in Bahrain.

Vet Clinic Software

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veterinary clinic software. Veterinarian examining a dog Bahrain

Our veterinary clinic management software is for multi-purpose usage. In addition to clinic operations, it also has a robust point of sales (POS) for retail sales of pet items. It records animal history, vital signs, stores important files, tracks inventory, sales and manages all financial transactions including Bahrain VAT.

Salon & Spa Software

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Salon chair in barber shop. Salon Spa Management software

Our salon and spa management software is an All-In-One Salon POS System for Spa and Beauty Salons. Manage appointments, billing, packages, services, commissions, accounts, day closing. The software will also help you manage inventory, accounting, coupons, gift cards, loyalty, Bahrain VAT, etc. Information is much easier to understand if with visual representation. We made color-coded calendar to help you manage the appointments, scheduling, check-in, billing, etc.

Garment Stores Software

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Along with sale of your clothing items, our software gives you the freedom of managing stitching and alterations, so that you can provide your customers the one thing they long for – personalized adjustment. Our reporting module provide you over 500 plus pre-built reports covering every aspect of your retail business, helps you make better and more informed decisions.

Property Management Software

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Manage all properties with one holistic software. Record tenant data, auto schedule rental invoices, be updated of unpaid invoice, keep track of assets in each property and more. The facility management module assists in tracking maintenance, cost and time. All features backed by IFRS standard accounts module with Bahrain VAT.

Outdoor Sales Software

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With our customized ERPNext software, field sales staff can add new customers, make sales, issue payment receipts and know inventory in their vehicles. Business owners and accounting staff at head office get real time data of cash, checks and credit notes of every field sales vehicle. Businesses can reduce financial, operational and reputational risk due to delayed cash deposit and information falsification by sales staff.

Manufacturing ERP

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An exhaustive manufacturing ERP with industry-specific capabilities and features. Automates, tracks and manages every step of production in factories from receiving order, production planning, packaging to delivery.

Projects Management ERP

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Project Management Software

Let your team collaborate and meet goals timely with our Project Management ERP. Feature rich having cost control, assign task, time control, budgeting, resource planning, equipment installation notes, items delivery, supplier cost and more.

Hospital & Clinic ERP

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Our Hospital & Medical Clinic ERP has all the functions to efficiently manage day to day operation. A robust Front & Back Office Management ensure workflow is smooth. Physician Scheduling keeps track of doctors availability and Patients Appointment helps is managing visits. It has complete in-house Pharmacy Management that keeps updated information of drugs and medicines with expiry dates. Blood Bank & Laboratory Services renders additional services. It has easy integration with 3rd party applications.

E-Commerce Website

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e-commerce websites showing summer sales

Accelerate your sales with our all integrated e-commerce website platform. It does not matter if you are venturing into world of e-commerce for the first time, we have the expertise to assist you in the journey. Develop a new sales channel that works 24X7 and costs only a fraction.

iOS & Android

Mobile Applications

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Mobile applications directly communicates with customer, has greater impact than any other media, increases loyal customer base, enhances accessibility, improves promotions impact on customers and makes your brand more humane.

Websites Development

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Give your business a boost with responsive and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) designed website. Built as a high-performing marketing tool that generates incoming inquiries. A well designed website is a true reflection of your corporate identity and your brand.


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